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I'll follow the sun.

Hey, friends. I don't know about you but this summer has been a big season of change for me, in some good ways. The garden in my backyard may not reflect this quite so well on any given day, but I've been doing some weeding. I'm trying to look at the things in my life that are stealing all the water and land from the things I'm trying as hard as I can to grow. Some weeds are really pretty. In another setting they're not weeds at all, but wildflowers. I love wildflowers, but I have some specific ideas, projects, people that need nourishing and development; every bit of water and care that I have. I've been getting some much needed rest as I shift some focus. I know how nebulous all of that sounds but I hope to be able to show you some fruits of all of that soon.

As for my actual backyard, here's how it's going. The apricot and peach trees got hit by a late frost and I won't see any fruit from there. That happens in life sometimes. Unexpected storms that change the future. The grapes are looking like they might work out. Raspberries and strawberries need more water. I simplified the vegetable garden and it just has tomatoes and peppers, and a few spices this year; basically salsa ingredients.

In a pot, I planted a seed my little girl got from one of her classes. I can't remember if it was from church or school. I was worried it wouldn't grow. But I think the seed knew that my little girl loved it and it decided to grow for her. I don't think we knew exactly what it would be. Turns out it's a sunflower. The stalk is so tall! The flower at the top hasn't fully formed but the plant still arches toward the sun every day and follows it across the sky. Something about that just catches my heart, every day when I look at it.

I can't say everything in the world or even in my life is totally perfect right now, but everything seems more doable when I'm focusing on the sunlight; the good. I cut people more slack. I try harder to look at people's hearts. I love more. I have the hope and energy I need to make beautiful things; to lift the people who mean the most to me. I can more easily do all the stuff that makes life worthwhile.

I've always loved sunflowers. Maybe that's why.


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