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Upcoming events:

June 5th:
Cherie plays her original song about Martha Hughes Cannon at a special event at the Utah Capitol Building, celebrating a statue of Dr. Cannon setting off on a voyage to Washington D.C. where she will be enshrined in the National Statuary Hall Collection! Cherie sings around 7:30. Booths and food trucks from 5-8 p.m.




June 8th:

Cherie plays at the Wind Walker ranch in Spring City, accompanied by Dylan Schorer. 

7:00 p.m.

11550 Pigeon Hollow Rd.

Free Admission

June 20th:

Cherie plays in Price with Tyler Castleton and Mark Geslison. More info soon!


Or if you can't wait any longer, consider.....

House Concerts! Date chosen by you! 
Mow your lawn/vacuum your floor, make a few treats or assign pot luck, and then hire Cherie to come to your home to entertain you and your friends!  Contact Cherie to get more info on how to throw a concert at your own home.

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