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The Most Wonderful Time?

2020, man. It's been a year. And it's that time again, for deals on CDs. It's closing time on the era of the Compact Disc, but if you do have interest in any of the titles pictured, everything is $2 now. I can do free shipping on orders over $10. If it's less than that, add $3 for shipping. Venmo Cherie-Call or PayPal and include a note with your address and exactly what you want. (if you don't want to post your address on venmo, send me an email with it.) If you absolutely must send a check, send me a note and we can work it out.

As I type this, I have just one show on my calendar. I'm really looking forward to it. I'll be live streaming a Christmas show on Tuesday, December 8th at 7:00 p.m. I'm still working out the details of where it will be streamed. It will be "pay what you want" to view it. Really, all are welcome to tune in, and if you feel inclined to drop a few dollars of what you might have payed to see it in person, it helps me cover the costs of things. It will be a wonderful evening and if you've never seen me play my Christmas music live, it will be the perfect chance. You can sit on your couch and sip cocoa while I play soothing, festive songs accompanied by my pal, Tyler Castleton. There could be some other fun surprises, too. I hope you'll join us that night.

The weather is getting colder. I just pulled out the last of the plants in my garden. Halloween has just passed and this is normally the time of year things kick into high gear. I start looking for a pretty new dress to wear for some of my shows. Joe hits the road for a big, busy season for his business. I start booking my kids' favorite babysitter. I dream of the pies at all of the big parties, and get excited about baking. With the pandemic, this year it's different, though. I have dear friends who are going through much deeper pain and loss in their lives than I am right now, and I acknowledge that a dark calendar is nothing in comparison. But I'm still bracing myself for some low days. And I'm trying to find the hidden gifts. In the 17 years Joe and I have been married and the 18 years we have been together as a couple, we have never been able to hang out during the holiday season. So that's something. He'll be with me for the stuff I usually do all by myself or with the kids. We will all will be able to slow down and think about what it's all about. Maybe we can think of others who are having a dark time, not because of a calendar but maybe because of some other heartbreak or loss, and we will think of ways we can lift some burdens with our time or some treats.

If you've been to any Christmas event I've ever done, you've heard the story I tell about the Christmas I spent alone with my mother, just after my brother left on a mission for our church, and we had opened our presents several days early so he wouldn't miss it. When the real Christmas came it was all over. But my mother surprised me by wrapping up random household items in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve, so we still had stuff to unwrap in the morning. It was a strange, hilarious, and beautiful Christmas. We unwrapped what we already had. Right now as I gear up for another unusual Christmas I'm trying to challenge myself to unwrap what I already have. A warm house full of love. My family. Good friends. Jesus.

However the holidays will look for you this year, I hope you feel love from me. I hope next year we will all be singing together once again. In person, in great big halls. We just need a little time. In the meantime, Christmas can still be beautiful for broken hearts like mine.


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